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new  --  Illinois concealed carry handgun permit training class

We finally have Conceal Carry coming to Illinois!!

Carry Safely, Inc will be certified to teach the Illinois Conceal Carry Class. The Illinois Conceal Carry Class will require 16 hours of Firearm training.

Carry Safely will be teaching the Illinois Conceal Carry Classes at various locations throughout the state, 6 days a week, offering Day & Night classes. As with all of the classes that we teach, Carry Safely will still be a “one stop shopping” provided you have all documentation available to us at the time of the class.  For more information about Carry Safely training for Illinois Concealed Carry Permits please go to our Illinois CCW Permit Classes page.

It goes without saying that once classes for the IL CCW permit are available that they will fill up quickly.  We suggest that you Pre-register for a training class for the IL Handgun Concealed Carry card.  You can pre-register for one of our Illinois Concealed Carry classes by using the form below.



utah non-resident concealed carry permit class

Our Utah concealed carry permit - CCW - training will supply you with everything needed to obtain a concealed weapons permit issued by the state of Utah. The Utah concealed carry permit (CCW) class takes between 4 to 5 hours, and there is no live fire required to obtain this concealed weapons permit. A Utah non-resident concealed carry permit - concealed weapons permit - CCW - is available to law abiding citizens who pass a background check. We offer our Utah concealed carry permit training classes at the various location in Illinois and southern Wisconsin.

NRA training courses available from carry safely

  • NRA Basic Pistol (Qualifies for a Florida Concealed Carry Permit - concealed weapons permit - CCW)

  • First Steps pistol (Qualifies for a Florida Concealed Carry - concealed weapons permit - CCW)

  • NRA Personal Protection in the Home (Qualifies for a Florida Concealed Carry Permit - concealed weapons permit - CCW)

  • Personal Protection outside the Home (Qualifies for a Florida Concealed Carry Permit - concealed weapons permit - (CCW)

All of our classes are held at various locations throughout Illinois and Wisconsin and only in the months of May through September. The Personal Protection Classes will sharpen your skills with a handgun and leave you feeling more confident with protecting yourself and your family.

carry safely mission

Our mission at Carry Safely is to get our students properly trained in using a firearm both safely and proficiently. Whether you are new to firearms or have years of experience. Whether you want to just go out shooting with your family or for personal protection. We can and will make you better with a handgun.

Patricia Snyder

Greg Powell